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  • How I Make the twopennylane Packaging

    Before I opened my twopennylane online shop, I thought long and hard about my 'branding'. And before I decided on the airmail theme I currently use, I thought long and hard about how to package my jewellery. I wanted the packaging to represent what was inside, so it had to be cute, intriguing, and exciting. The anticipation of opening the box is key. I think that excitement is a feeling I will never grow out of. That's when I remembered the song, 'My Favourite Things' from The Sound of Music. They sing, 'Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favourite things!' Right there and then I knew exactly how I wanted my packaging to look! So here is a little guide to how I make the packaging.

    Step One
    The plain boxes I buy are made from recycled material. I buy them in various sizes depending on what needs to be stored inside them.

    Step Two
    I apply the "address" to each box manually with the aid of a rubber stamp and an ink pad. I designed the rubber stamp myself and had it custom made at a local shop in York.

    Step Three
    Once the ink has dried, I apply a sticker of the twopennylane postage stamp in the top right hand corner. I get the stickers printed by a company, although I designed them myself in my ancient (1995!) version of Photoshop. I'm much better with Photoshop now, but at the time I remember it took ages and I found the whole experience really frustrating!

    Step Four
    Once the box has its jewellery inside, the finishing touch is to tie the brown string around it. I'm now an absolute pro at this!

    So there you have it! I do tend to make the boxes up in batches of a hundred. It takes me about an hour to make them up but it saves me time in the long run. You may even have seen me making them up behind the stall when I sell at vintage fairs!