• Dress to Impress: Sherlock Holmes

    Dress to Impress: Sherlock Holmes

    As a rule,” said Holmes, “the more bizarre a thing is the less mysterious it proves to be. It is your commonplace, featureless crimes which are really puzzling, just as a commonplace face is the most difficult to identify.

    The Red-Headed League, Arthur Conan Doyle

    The Red-Headed League is my favourite of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, offering (amongst many other things) a riot of red-headed men, a concert, the fourth-smartest man in London, French gold, and THREE pipes.

    In honour of the world's most famour fictional detective I've put together this little sample of clothes and accessories so you can channel your inner sleuth (and look fantastic at the same time.

    This Holmes Jacket is by British fashion brand Miss Patina. I'm a massive fan of their heritage style clothing because it is so quirky.

    This pair of Oxford Duo Brogues are handmade by goldenponies on Etsy. They are based in Mexico, and their shoes are not only beautiful and affordable, they are also vegan!

    This vintage inspired Jive Blouse is made by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury on Etsy. All their designs are loving recreated from original 1940's patterns.

    This adorable violin necklace complete with case to store it in is made from a dolls house miniature and is available in the twopennylane shop. Also available are violin and bow earrings, a violin brooch, violin bow earrings, or a violin jewellery gift set!

    I absolutely love cords (I own three skirts, one pinafore, and a pair of trousers!) and you can get this Janet A-Line Corduroy Skirt from Joanie Clothing. They pride themselves on their "pretty clothes for nostalgic souls!"

    This amaaaaaaaaazing Sherlock Holmes Book Bag is handmade in Russia by KrukruStudioBooks. I absolutely love all their bags (in fact I've written a blog post before about their original shop, KrukruStudio, which you can read here). Their book bags are available in five sizes, with any cover you desire, and you can even have the title page printed on the inside! You can choose from leather or faux-leather, that is, if you can actually choose just one design that you'd like. I only want about five!

    If you've enjoyed perusing this little collection you can see more of the clothes and accessories I like on the Dream Wardrobe board on the twopennylane Pinterest page. Which is your favourite item? And which is your favourite Sherlock Holmes mystery?

  • 1940's Wedding

    1940's Wedding

    A few weeks ago we were invited to a 1940's themed wedding reception for some of Mr Twopennylane's friends. They're very keen on this era and frequently attend re-enactment weekends so it wasn't much of a surprise that they chose to go the whole hog for the wedding.

    Whilst Mr Twopennylane was rather keen on the idea, as it meant he got to stalk about in a period uniform, I was a bit more panicky. 1940's means one thing to me, and one thing only: VICTORY ROLLS. Or, as I prefer to call them, Rolls of Doom. I average about one hair cut a year, and alternate between keeping my hair short so that I don't even have to brush it, or so long it has to remain in a ponytail.

    On the clothes front I decided to wear my Yumi dress, a present from Mr Twopennylane for my birthday last year, teamed with my biscuit coloured cardigan, and my brown brogues, and I felt all-in-all, I pulled off a suitable 1940's look to say I found everything amongst my existing wardrobe! I kept my make-up toned down, and didn't go for the red lipstick look as... well, I didn't have any red lipstick! After a final destroy-the-bedroom style hunt for my only pair of emergency nude tights (which weren't laddered, thank goodness!) I finally had to turn to my nemesis: my hair.

    In the end, I took (what would be) my fringe (if I had any kind of hairstyle), and twisted both sides into sort of tubes (these are super technical terms, I'm so sorry, hairdressers everywhere are weeping) and then pinned them at the back with two bow hair grips. They resembled Victory Rolls at least!

    I was a bit nervous as we headed to the reception, but everyone had made an effort, especially the gents, and people were very complimentary as to how I looked, so I presume I fitted in! The bride and groom looked very charming, and the room was decorated with reproduction wartime posters.

    So if you get invited to a 1940's themed wedding, go for it! If you need some handy help, I used 's guide to 1940's fashion and make-up for some inspiration :-)