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  • Cute & Quirky Handbag Lowdown: Krukrustudios

    It is a well know fact amongst my friends that I was a hardcore tomboy when I was younger. I remember my childish outrage at the beautiful bridesmaids dresses I had to wear when duty called. Shopping with my Mum wasn't delightful mother-daughter time but instead a terse agreement that I would try not to moan if she bought me a new book to read whilst she looked at yet MORE clothes. And my Gran once cried (really!) because she asked me to wear a skirt on Easter Sunday, and I had to admit that, besides my school uniform, I didn't own one.

    Nowadays I am reformed; just as interested in bags, shoes, and vintage pullovers as the next girl. I'm shocked I get anything done when I'm working on the twopennylane Etsy shop, because there are so many lovely and unusual things on Etsy to look at. I'm all about personal style, not fashion, so I made a Dream Wardrobe Pinterest board to save all these things in one place but now I'm sucked in to Pinterest too. It's a mercy I get any jewellery made at all!

    Anyway, enough rambling, and to the point of this post: wrap your eyes around these beauties I came across recently:

    These handbags, handmade from either felt or leather, are by krukrustudio on Etsy. Lyuba and Max are based in Moscow, Russia, and sell their amazing creations worldwide through Etsy, and on their own website, If anyone would like to buy me one of each, then that would be awesome. Yes, that IS a Tardis Handbag you're seeing there. Personally I'm torn between the Piano Handbag, the Green Watering Can Handbag, and the strangely alluring Deer Handbag. You should definitely go check out their shop now, because there are tons more designs than the few I've cherry-picked here: think Sherlock, Rockets, Bananas, Instagram Logos, and even Jam Jars. And if you do succumb and make a purchase, DO share with me via facebook, twitter, or instagram, so I can be extremely jealous! :-)

    krukrustudio on Etsy

    krukrustudio on facebook