About Me

"Hi, my name is Cat, and I make jewellery for people cleverly disguised as responsible adults."

Twopennylane is a small independent jewellery brand based in York, in the UK. Established in 2012 by Catherine Armitage, this range is the younger sister of jewellery brand twobadbananas, under which name Catherine has been producing jewellery since 2009.

Twopennylane is jewellery for people cleverly disguised as responsible adults, combining intricate detail with light-hearted fun. Each piece is carefully designed, sourced and handmade with attention to detail to create intriguing yet playful pieces.

Composed from a mixture of dolls house accessories, modern findings and vintage components, the twopennylane collection draws its inspiration from your inner child and their sense of humour, curiosity, and imagination. If you're a doodler, daydreamer, bookworm, or wanderer, then come and take a closer look.

Catherine Armitage is the owner of twopennylane and the designer-maker behind the jewellery. Catherine designs, makes, packages, and posts all the lovely things you can see on this site. Catherine's Dad is the official twopennylane photographer, and you'll often find her Mum helping out at fairs. Lover of books, cats, and conversational prints, Catherine can't iron, and doesn't dance. Or maybe it's the other way around.

If you'd like to get to know Cat a little bit better or to see what goes on behind the scenes (hint: there's cake, and cats, and a general lack of sleep), then why not head on over to twitter or facebook?